AboutWhat is Jack

In an online world saturated with instant and ephemeral gratifications, our mission is to become the primary communication platform to create or to experience the pleasure of anticipation.

Billions of messages are exchanged everyday with instant messaging apps. Instant messaging has become a utility, making it more and more difficult for people, brands, influencers and celebrities to send messages that have real and lasting impact. In such an ocean of content, how can you make sure your message gets the attention it deserves? The solution is Jack.

Jack is a messaging app that combines anticipation, patience and rewards.

Jack allows you to send text, photo and/or video messages and decide when these can be read. While a message is delivered instantly, the recipient must wait before the message can be read: when sending a message, the sender specifies when it can be read by the receiver - it can be any hours, days, weeks, months or even more. Jack’s unique approach is to combine instant notification (i.e. the recipient is notified immediately that he has received a Jack) and delayed delivery (i.e. the recipient may not open the Jack until the right moment has been reached). The waiting period between the moment the Jack is delivered and the moment it can be read creates anticipation.

We call this “Time Will Tell”.

AboutManagement team

Jack picture

Jack Abrams

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Jack Abrams founded the company in early 2015, based on the vision that the world needs a better way of communicating to express one’s feelings. Jack calls this “Time is Emotion”, and translated this concept into an elegant messaging platform. Before founding Jack, he worked for Le Pain Quotidien (international bakery restaurants chain), FinB.be (now called Wilink, a financial services solutions firm) and LaGaufre.be (Belgian waffles).
Michel picture

Michel Tombroff


Michel joined Jack Media as CEO in February 2016. Previously he was the CEO of Softkinetic (acquired by Sony in 2015), VP Sales at TIBCO Software and Director of Engineering at Chorus Systems (acquired by Sun Microsystems). Michel worked many years in Silicon Valley, Paris, London and Brussels. He holds a MSc Computer Sciences from University of California, Santa Barbara.
Edwin Hermans picture

Edwin Hermans


Edwin, Chief Technology Officer, has over 15 years of experience in communication, media and app development (web and mobile). Before joining Jack, he co-founded Snowcap (a web development agency) in 2010 and worked as a senior developer at Emakina and as IT Manager at Sectionmedia.